Ruth Lobo on Radio Show Late Night Counsell November 18th, 2010

Michael Coren Show: October 21, 2010

Road Kill Radio Interview with Ruth Lobo

CBC’s THE CURRENT Interview with Ruth Lobo

Fr. Simon Lobo Preaches on the Arrests: October 10, 2010


2 Responses to Video/Audio

  1. Helena Szakowski says:

    Thank you to Ruth Lobo and the Carleton students who had the courage and convictions to bring the GAP display to the campus, and who were promptly arrested under the most flimsy premises.

    The very brief GAP images that were captured leading up to the arrests will nonetheless help to touch hearts and save lives. Bravo!

  2. Jeremy Fraser says:

    Well done on your interview on the Current Ruth! You and Carleton Lifeline are an inspiration to all pro-lifers and to all who suffer discrimination regarding there right to free speech.

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