Accused Bios


4th year Human Rights Major at Carleton University







2nd year student at Queens University







4th year History and Religion Major  at CarletonUniversity




4th year Philosophy Major at  Carleton University





3rd year Business Major at Carleton University

10 Responses to Accused Bios

  1. uOSFL would like to say that you’re the kind of criminals we like!

  2. Emily says:

    Montana State Students For Life agrees!! You are my heroes.

    Watching the video of you being arrested is inspiring. In that situation, I’m not sure I would be as articulate and strong! Thank you for your courage.

    Where can I read the rest of the story…when did they release you and did you have to pay fines?

  3. Robyn says:

    It takes courage and love to defend your principles and I applaud you for that. You can do all things through HIM who strengthens you. I will pray for each of you and others who join as well as those who wish to shut you down. Be not afraid.

  4. So Con says:

    Hi to Involved Students – what a remarkable show of courage – you are locked in to my mind as H E R O S! I plan on donating something to your cause. I stand with you and can never get over what is going on with the murder of the unborn….like it is nothing. I suggest that you add to you comment line when dealing with the persecutors….if this is a legal procedure, why can we not show what it is??? There is an excellent video over on where UK protestors did just that and it was very impactful… was your response to the so-called authorities

  5. opinion says:

    how could anyone think this is inspiring? I guess it’s cool to be a criminal these days

  6. Kevin Fraser says:

    Dear opinion – Great disguise name, btw. Unoriginal AND evidence of your tool-hood to the Jackboot wearing management of your beloved Cowardly U.

    In response to your grossly uninformed blather:

    1. Are you familiar with the concept of standing up for what you believe in, no matter the personal cost? I didn’t think so.

    2. What exactly in the Criminal Code of Canada have they violated? The tall foreheads of Cowardly U say it’s trespassing. Really. Why didn’t they have them shot then? The cops were wearing their Glocks.

    Whatever you have been cowed into thinking this incident is, it amounts to evidencing certain thoughts while lawfully attending a so-called University. Cowardice U is now a government organ whose cowardly governors have stripped it of the moral right to claim to be a University by enacting Nazi policies of state-funded violent repression.

    ‘Opinion’ is a rather un-thought choice for a coward-name? Wouldn’t ‘hermanngoering’ work a lot better for your purposes?

    You may rapturously welcome the idea of a jackboot stamping your human face forever, but not everyone is that demented, or determinedly uninformed.

  7. stephanie says:

    Youre all pieces of shit that should have been aborted. Go fuck yourselves!

  8. Devin Dutt says:

    Mocking someone who has an opinion of their own is not intelligent, get over yourself Mr. Fraser.

    Also there is no issue with having your own view on things, personally I had no issue with Carleton Lifeline.

    Until they compared a genocide to abortion, tried to compare the mass destruction of millions by a madman to something that THEY view as wrong, something that not all people think is wrong.

    And before you make the tired argument of Hitler didnt think it was wrong, try to find any other argument.

    I have no issue with their message, merely the way in which you presented it. Simply because its disrespectful to all the millions who did die in the holocaust.

    There is having an opinion and supporting it, and then there is a point where you go from that to yelling in peoples faces and trying to gain attention by going “Look at this, I think this will get your attention”

    • nate says:

      Over 2 000 000 unborn babies have been murdered (because life stars a conception) in canada, and countless millions world wide. That is the exact definition of GENOCIDE.

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