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  1. Just sent a check for $75 to your lawyers. Keep up the good work. I suspect that Carleton, where I lectured years ago, is typical of the second-rate university, where the valued diversity is always the secondary stuff (sex, skin color), and a point of view is measured by its popularity, not its truth. Again, keep up the good work.

  2. Steve G says:

    You should set up a PayPal account to receive the donations. I think you’ll get way more support that way. Most people would rather make a few clicks than write a cheque and then go hunting for an envelope and stamp.
    PayPal is ridiculously easy!

  3. Sebastian S. says:

    I’d like to help out also. I am sending you guys an e-mail.

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  5. Brian McNally says:

    Go also, DIRECTLY TO THE ONTARIO HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION with your Discrimination Complaint… the Discrimination is happening in Ontario so they will have to accept the Formal Complain…do it! ALL of the COSTS will have to be borne by Carleton University and all of the others that you name in the COMPLANT. The Ontario HRC does most of the work and there is almost no cost to you. Those named in the Complain of Discrimination will have to spend thousands of Dollar$ in lawyers fees to attempt to defend themselves.
    Just look at how much it cost Ezra Levant to defend against one person complaining about him and his publication! What is good for the goose is good for the gander! Go for it…with all guns blazing!

    ALSO, make a FORMAL COMPLAINT TO THE Canadian Human Rights Commission as Carleton University RECEIVES Grant Money from the Federal Government! Therefore the Canadian HRC must accept and investigate and the charge those NAMED IN YOUR COMPLAIN, and those entities will have to spend thousands of Dollar$ in an attempt to defend themselves.
    Look what one complaint to the HRC did to Ezra Levant….cost him his publication and Thousands of dollars…and he was not found guilty by the Tribunal!

    The Courts are OK, but they will cost you a small fortune and lots of long delays…the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSIONS cost you absolutely nothing.

    • D says:

      Sad and sick that everyone wants to jump on board here. Tomorrow is international women’s day and your movement is fundamentally anti-feminist. Removing a woman’s right to choose is going backwards in evolution.
      Choice is the key to freedom, without we are oppressed.

      • Chris Humphrey says:

        D, you should check out Susan B. Anthony, an early feminist American, and the Susan B. Anthony List, the pro-life feminist organization at work in Washington today. Who is more supportive of abortion-on-demand, men or women, rich or poor, white or black? It turns out that support is greatest among rich, white men. Abortion liberates men (from any responsibility) and hurst women (check out Silent No More for more info).
        As for “choice,” give it some thought: is choice properly exercised without reason, without knowledge, without a context? Everybody has choices of all kinds, but the question is, What is a good choice? What is a right choice in this or that situation? Abortion is not like preferring tea to coffee.
        Finally, you assume that history is the story of increasing “human rights,” and that we who oppose the killing of unborn individual human beings are trying, futilely, to hold back the tide. But what if history is a story of rise and decline, of every generation facing its own particular evils? (It’s laughable to be hostile to “fascism” when all the brownshirts were defeated half a century ago.) Abortion, like slavery, will be overcome. Your grandchildren may say, “How could they have let that happen?” What will you tell them?

  6. Lorraine says:

    Courage, audacity, faith, fortitude, determination….you have it all! You have a right to be heard. You will not just back off and be silenced and I commend you for your peaceful, but militant, spirit. I thank you for keeping the light of human dignity shining and trampling upon the dark forces of death.
    D…a little word about your comment. You have been deceived. A woman who chooses to destroy the life inside of her is not progressive…she is harming herself essentially. It is the sexually promiscous culture that has led you to believe this is a good thing, when it is self-destructive. Life is not the enemy! Death is.

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